Sam & Mary J., Humbird

Felix V., Loyal

William & Karen S.

I love my central air system! Bob was the best!! I wish we had it installed years ago!! - Joan F., Neillsville

We were gone. I was impressed to come home to NO MESS! - Jim & Karen M., Neillsville

Thank you Tim and your staff. You did a excellent job. - Scott H., Neillsville

Keep up the good work. - Kerry D., Spencer

Very satisfied and “warm.” Thank you Larry and all. - Bonnie L.

We were impressed by everyone we dealt with. They went out of their way to help us. Chris was especially helpful in explaining the system to us. - Jerry H., Neillsville

We would like to express our sincere satisfaction concerning the Geo Thermal System that was installed at our home. In choosing a contractor to install and service the unit we could not have made a better choice. We do have to commend Tim and the crew for all of the hard work and coordination of sub contractors that it takes to install such a system as ours. As Neillsville area residents we are quite impressed and pleased with the customer service that we have been given by your company and your employees in regards to the follow-ups on the system and the willingness that is given to answer our questions or explain hot the system works. By installing this system it has enabled us to do what we can to GO GREEN and cut down on the costs of heating and cooling our home now and in the future. Thanks again! - Roger & Bev R.

Installation went as expected on a new home, very satisfied. We had to replace a pump that was under warranty, Chris replaced it very quickly and has worked fine ever since. The system has been very efficient, we have not had to use any other source for heating or cooling since moving in, in spring of 2009. Our home is very comfortable, thermostat set at 72 degrees in summer, 69 degrees in winter, geo system has held at temps very well. The average cost for the first 3 years has been $634 per year for heating and cooling combined. Our home is 4250 square feet. - Brenner

Lydia H., Auburndale

Diane B., Spencer

Brady L., Neillsville

The air conditioner was in before we even knew it was coming. Unbelievable service! - Carol R., Neillsville

Robert and Mark were absolutely wonderful, thoughtful, and knowledgable installers. We recommend them with 6 stars! Thank you! - Mark & Carla Y., Pittsville

Super service personnel. - Harold G., Neillsville

Custom Heating is “the best” and family owned is a plus. - Anita L., Neillsville

Yes. We are very satisfied and enjoying the system. - Bernard W., Neillsville

  1. How satisfied are you with the installation of your geothermal system? Very
  2. How satisfied are you with the operation/efficiency of your system? Very
  3. How satisfied are you with the overall comfort of your home? Very
  4. What is the approximate cost of operating your system annually? Electricity bill is less than $1500 for everything.
  5. Square footage of your home? Approximately 2300
  6. Any other comments? We have been very happy with our geothermal system.
- Gary and Roxy E.

I am very satisfied with the installation of our geothermal system. I am very satisfied with the operation/efficiency of our system. Our home is very comfortable. The warm floor is especially nice. It is soon to tell what the annual cost of our system will be. Our home is 1600 sq. ft. I like the geothermal system very much and am glad we installed it.

- Jerry N. of Loyal

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