Looking for a way to "Go Green" in your home?

Geothermal heating and cooling may be the answer. Geothermal systems utilize the earth's ability to maintain constant temperatures below ground, regardless of the temperature outside.

How it Works:

Geothermal systems circulate a water-based solution through tubes that are buried 4-6 feet below ground, where temperature is consistent year-round. During the winter warm temperatures are disbursed in your house through heat absorbed from under ground. During the summer months, heat is circulated out and absorbed into the ground to cool your house. Visit to learn more about the different types of loops that are used to heat and cool using geothermal energy.

Benefits of Geothermal Heating & Cooling:

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Compass Series Vertical Packaged

GeoComfort Compass Series geothermal systems are expertly designed to be technologically advanced, exceptionally efficient and uniquely crafted. The result is a heating and cooling system as beautiful as it is functional. These units offer all of the reliability and comfort you've come to expect from GeoComfort systems with the visual appeal and added benefits that are truly groundbreaking.
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Compass Two-Stage Water-to-Water

Geocomfort hydronic (water-to-water) models offer the unique benefit of radiant floor heating, a highly efficient way to heat your home, increase your comfort and reduce energy costs. In essence, radiant floor heating eliminates the noise, dust and draft issues associated with conventional forced air systems.
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Compass Series Two-Stage Indoor Split

The GeoComfort indoor split models offer unsurpassed flexibility of installation in both new construction and retrofit applications. The unit can be used alone or added to a conventional furnace/air conditioner in new or existing homes, creating a hybrid heating and cooling system.
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Compass Series Combination

A GeoComfort CT combination unit is one of the most versatile geothermal heat pumps available. It has the flexibility to provide forced air heating, forced air cooling and domestic hot water, plus hot water for radiant floor heating.
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Photo Gallery of Geothermal Heating and Cooling Projects

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